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925 Silver Ring With Glass Memory Bead


Unique silver ring pr. 925 on a subtle wedding ring with a movable glass ball in which you can keep any type of fur.

  Available ring sizes: 10-21(other sizes available on request).

 You can choose different glass bead colour from the template.

The glass bead filled with fur can also be personalized with a filling of small natural stones in an amount symbolizing, for example, the age of the animal.
Such project is priced individually depending on the amount and type of stone (onyx, turquoise, pyrite, ruby, emerald ...) If you want such additional personalization - please write to:

If the jewelry you order contains an item that needs to be sent to my workshop (such as fur), send it to the address below with the number of your order.

Marta Rżanek 

ul. Św. Teresy 23a lok18    

91-348 Łódź