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Friends Forever

How is Friends Forever jewellery created?

The base and the most important piece of the Friends Forever jewellery collection is the material which you provide me with - sentimental, commemorative, something about your four-legged friends. It may be a strand of fur, a whiskers, but also a paw print on a piece of paper, a photo, a sample of a favourite pet's toy.

I set these materials in glass, embed in resin, bind in silver or gold, combine with natural stones, to create a unique and one of a kind jewelry that evokes the memory of a beloved pet.

In Friends Forever jewelry, I close your memories, feelings, sentiments ...

How to capture your memories in Friends Forever jewellery?

You can choose bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings with each of these options, change them and combine them.

  • The beads reinforced with glass; perfect to keep fluffy fur or undercoat fur and the bright colours. (sizes: 8 mm or 10 mm) Transparent colours: light pink, light violet or glass with the effect of a soap bubble.
  • Silver 925 cabochons in several sizes; ideal for embedding rough, short hair, mustache, and all the flat elements max. 2 mm thick, for example: graphics, drawings or photos
  • Modular beads; fit all modular bracelets, in any color with your friend's fur
  • Modular beads made of 925 silver in the shape of a heart with a place for sinked in resin fur
  • Silver tags with any engraving, for example, with an inscription, name or date
  • Tags with the engraving of your pet's portrait
  • Pendants with your friend's hand-cut shape made on the basis of the supplied photo
  • Rings and band rings with your pet's fur

If you are leaving near Hounslow we can arrange meeting with jewellery sample presentation.