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Space Odyssey Silver & Blue Tiger Eye Jewellery Set


Jewellery set with box, pendant, brooch, earrings and adjustable ring. set are made of sterling silver and blue tigers eye stone (one stone was divided into parts for this set), all are finished in satin. wooden box finished with felt, silver logo on the top. pendant:

height: 11.7 cm

width: 5.5 cm

depth: 0.7 cm

weight: 64.7 g

brooch: height: 5.3 cm

width: 4.5 cm

depth: 0.7 cm

weight: 27.7 g

ring: height: 0.7 cm above a ring

width: 4.8/4.0 cm

weight: 29.6 g

earrings: height: 2.1 cm

width: 1.6 cm

weight: 9.1 g