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Ice Silver Ring With Killie Crankie Diamond


During my time in Australia I have met a girl who was a gem hunter. She goes to the desert, explore caves, leads her life as a hermit, but brings back real treasures. One of those treasures is the stone from this ring – it is called the Killie crankie Diamond and can be found only on Flinders Island in Australia. It is a type of topaz and my piece (quite a grand one) ice-blue coloured, but also pink, gold and clear ones can be found. I bought mine as a raw, cloudy nugget, hoping I can polish it back home. It took me over a year, but I found a stone-polisher, who beautifully cleared it and gave it a few facets, while honouring its natural shape. Inside the polished „KilliecrankieDiamond” I’ve discovered amazing internal „drawings” just like in the ice. And this is where the main inspiration came from – I used it in a ring as a piece of ice surrounded by silver snowflakes and a see-through construction (adorned with ice-blue zircons). The setting allows to admire the stone’s natural shape and internal pattern.

Size: 19

Weight: 29,5 g

Silver 925