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Looking For Something Unique?

Custom projects are our favourite projects!

Me and my befriended artists, we love to create jewellery that tells a story and brings up all the feelings associated with the moment it was commissioned, received or passed down in the family. Whether you are planning your engagement or looking forward to a someone's birthday - we would love to make something special just for you!


Fill out the custom jewellery form. Your project will begin with an initial consultation either via email, telephone or over coffee if you’re based near Hounslow. The email/meeting will give me the opportunity to go over the details of your project such as design ideas, budget and timeline and to address any questions you may have. I’ll use the information we obtain from this email/meeting to give you the most accurate design plan and estimate.


We will work closely with you during this phase and provide you with sketches based on the ideas we discussed via email or during our consultation meeting.

This phase allows for revisions to those sketches and ends with you choosing a final design.


This phase is where your jewellery starts coming to life. One to two rounds of feedback and revisions ensues, depending on the complexity of the project. We will then present you with a final design for approval.


Our jewellery is created using traditional handcraft skills, so that your commissioned piece is of the highest quality.

This phase is the most intense phase and it begins with the casting process followed by cleaning, hand polishing and transforming the rough piece into a beautiful mounting, ready to be set.