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Fouquet’s Broken Heart Necklace with Opal

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The silver pendant with opal is adorned by zircons, gold-plated. The necklace is designed to match the pendant – constructed with silver branches with thorns, adorned with amethysts. Between the piece of opal I put tiny flakes of 24k gold – to underline the fact, that the stone is broken.

I got inspired to make this piece by a broken opal of unique beauty. Luckily for me it got broken like 3D puzzle, which means that all the pieces close and lock together. There is an „Art Deco Museum” in Paris, where I got fascinated with a jewelry piece by George Fouquet, that had a form of a heart in thorns/ physalis fruit with a centrally located opal, cut in 4 parts. When I saw my piece, it reminded me of that amazing piece of art. My work is an interpretation of Fouquet’s necklace, which is based on the elegant form, but still is very much mine. 

Personally, I treat this necklace as an expression of regret for the past epoch of beauty and the role that jewelry played in people's lives.

Weight: 63,2 g
Dimensions: 8 cm x 7 cm, chain about 40 cm
Silver 925