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Nightingale’s Nest Ametrine Ring

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I made this ring with this unusual ametrine in mind. These stones caught my attention almost immediately and made me hardly stop thinking about them. They are rarely sold on the domestic market, so when I found them on Amberif, I could not resist being surrounded by this treasure. Ametrine is an unusual combination of amethyst and citrine, therefore it is available in the violet and yellow color spectrum. In this succulent specimen, purple is concentrated at the top and yellow at the bottom, so when viewed from above at the ring, the stone appears to be tea-plum coloured. An amazing memory for me is that the day I bought it, the evening sky had excatly the same colour as my stone. The stone is spectacular, huge, hypnotic. I chose the role of the ring for it, so that it could be admired constantly. It is located inside an openwork nest, surrounded by 2 gold-plated nightingales.
Size: 18,5
Weight: 44,9 g
Dimensions: stone’s width 3 cm x 3,5 cm, height 1,7 cm
Silver 925