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Organic Aquamarine Silver Pendant

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Unique pendant with an aquamarine. The delicate setting is made of an 925 Argentium sterling silver, oxidized and polished. Argentium sterling silver has germanium in 7.5% addition to the alloy, which helps longer retains the gloss and has tarnish resistance. Aquamarine is a marine color variation of beryl. It’s color is due the presence of iron in the characteristic hexagonal crystal structure.

** Color may differ slightly from photos due to different monitor settings. Pendants are sold without neck-chain. If you need chain or leather thong to this pendant please let me know** **All products are sent in elegant boxes**

Total measurements with bail: length 45.8 mm / 1.8 in, width 17.5 mm / 0.69 in Weight: 13.3 g