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Samurai Cat Silver And Ammonite Statement Pendant Necklace


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Unique pendant necklace handmade out of ammonite and oxidised and matted 925 silver.

Pendant length about 8 cm,

Weight - 33.5 g.

The length of the chain - 65 cm (Can be adjust on request).

  • OOAK - One-of-A-Kind
  • 925 Silver, Ammonite
  • Evenings, Artsy style
  • Ships in the gift box
    • 925 silver setting and findings, Ammonite stone
    • Store your jewellery pieces individually so that they don’t scratch or tangle, and to avoid tarnishing try to keep your sterling silver in an airtight container.

      Clean your jewellery carefully with a soft, non-abrasive and lint-free cloth.

      Avoid spraying perfume and hairspray, applying suncreams and cleaning products – jewellery is susceptible to damage from these.

      Remember to keep your jewellery away from extreme temperatures, humidity or sunlight and don’t forget to remove your jewellery when you shower or bathe, particularly when swimming in the sea or a chlorinated swimming pool.

    • UK standard - £5.00 Europe standard - £5.00, Rest of the world standard £7.00


All my projects are prepared with careful consideration to the details. Entirely hand crafted, high quality pieces made using the traditional silversmith methods - some of them need long hours of labour to get the right finished effect. The vast majority of Norman Man jewellery is unique one-off pieces, whilst collections are limited designs in short series.

My jewellery may find of interest mostly among the customers with rather extraordinary approach to life and sense of humour.

To create my one and only jewellery I'm mostly using sterling silver - sometimes adorned by gold or semi precious stones.


Vendedor: BLITZ