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Silver Ring With Mabe Pearl And Black Diamond

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 Silver ring with white Mabe pearl (diameter 10mm, weight 3.1ct) set in 14K gold and black diamond with a rosette cut and a diameter of 3mm. The ring is decorated with an openwork floral pattern. The width of the ring at the pearl is 28mm, gradually narrowing to 10mm. Despite its size, the ring is very well contoured and comfortable to wear. The silver surface was polished to a high gloss and then covered with a ruthenium coating. It is a rare precious metal that creates very durable and hard alloys and is used in jewelry to produce a deep graphite color. Unfortunately, the photos do not reflect the beauty of the ring, which shines live with every movement and makes an amazing impression.
The weight of the ring is 13.49 g. The size is adjustable - set to size 20 (fits finger size 18.5-19). Adjustment is possible in the range of about 16-24. Please leave a message after purchasing which size to set. The ring signed with the author's namesake will be sent in an elegant company box with a jewelery certificate.