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Ancient Gods Statement Silver And Obsidian Earrings

 Obsidian is black glass that is formed during a volcanic eruption, thanks to the heat of flowing lava. From this material, the ancient Aztecs and Mayans hand-made amazing blades for ceremonial knives, which were also used to make offerings. I was inspired by obsidian blades that came to me from Mexico. My blade was also hand carved by a Mexican artist.G Obsidian, although it seems unusually black, is transparent - and the light passing through it shimmers even slightly rainbow-colored. The obsidian blades are seated between two different faces - front and back. A third face is placed above the blades. Each of them has a form reminiscent of the style of the drawings of Mayan gods. The earrings are not made equal because each blade is unique in size and shape. They were filed by me so that they would not be sharp.
Silver 925
Weight: 13.5 g + 13.8 g
Dimensions: 8.5 cm x 2.2 cm and 8.2 cm x 2.2 cm