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The Heart’s Flame Silver And Agate Ring

Ring is the one of the most amazing items I have ever created. The reason for its existence is the central stone - fire agate. This amazing stone is found only in the region of Mexico and the South-West. USA. It owes its name to the impression of burning fire – if you would move it in different directions, you could see the movement of the “flame” inside. This is the so-called "the Schiller effect", which is caused by alternating layers of silica and iron oxide that diffract the light and let it pass, creating color interference in the layers of the stone's microstructure, causing the fire effect from which it is named. The more valuable a specimen, the more "nodules" and bubbles it has on its surface.
Some sources dealing with stone magic describe it as "a spiritual gem of absolute perfection" which has a great secret. Just touch it and the fiery flames will ignite. When you stare at it, you get the impression that it draws you into its depth. It is said that alchemists used it because it contained the essence of fire. The stone is supposed to ignite the "divine spark" inside the soul, focus on achieving the life goal, increasing the passion for life, self-confidence.
My fragment (which is almost impossible to obtain in Poland) has the shape of a human heart. It is surrounded by two female figures (goddesses) whose hands resemble wings made of flames. The wings are gold-plated, the figures are diamonted. The rest of the ring is black. The ring is designed to be worn on the index finger.
Size: 18.5
Weight: 16.3 g
Dimensions: max width 1.6 cm, height of the stone 1 cm
Silver 925