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Beige Cornflower Enamel Drop Earrings

Beige Cornflower Enamel Drop Earrings

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Cornflower long drop earrings, beige colour, made of 925 silver, plated with 24-K gold.
Jewelery enamel baked in a furnace. The stones are garnet and Baltic amber.

length - 6 cm
width - 1.3 cm
weight of 1 pc - 5.95 g

  • OOAK - One-of-A-Kind
  • Gold plated 925 Silver, Garnet, Baltic Amber, Enamel
  • Elegant, Evenings, Artsy style
  • Ships in the gift box


We try to combine different materials with each other, using their natural irregularity. We use old jewelry techniques drawn from the craftsmanship of the most distinguished jewelers Art Nouveau, trying to combine it into one small whole-close, to include a fleeting moment of life drawn from the continuous processes occurring in nature. When creating jewelry, we want it to be called art, we also want to give it a timeless character so that the viewer can look with nostalgia in the style of a bygone era, the times of less hustle and more peace. Have we succeeded? Please, judge for yourself. I cordially invite you to watch and purchase our proprietary jewelry.

Shipping & Returns

UK standard - £30.00 Europe standard - £29.00, Rest of the world standard £35.00

Care Instructions

Store your jewellery pieces individually so that they don’t scratch or
tangle, and to avoid tarnishing try to keep your sterling silver in an
airtight container.

Clean your jewellery carefully with a soft, non-abrasive and lint-free cloth.

Avoid spraying perfume and hairspray, applying suncreams and cleaning products – jewellery is susceptible to damage from these.

Remember to keep your jewellery away from extreme temperatures,
humidity or sunlight and don’t forget to remove your jewellery when you
shower or bathe, particularly when swimming in the sea or a chlorinated
swimming pool.

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