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Fish Tank Silver Ring With Hand-made Glass Bulb


Silver ring with a hand-made glass bulb inside which swim silver fish like in a tropical tank with coral reef. On the top of the ring is a cat, which is hunting the fish. Both the cat and the fish hold onto the glass bulb thanks to attached magnets, they can move around the bulb as long as there is a colorful magnet ball holding it on the other side. The cat can even spin around and be de-attached from the bulb. 

The inside of the ring is colour-coated. All other elements are made of silicone and are meant to resemble coral reef.

This ring was made for a jewelry contest in Japan (Silver Accessories Contest 2019) and has just returned from an exhibition in Tokyo.

Size: 12

Dimensions: 8 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm

Weight: 39,1 g

Silver 925