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Lion's Head Knocker Leather Cuff Bracelet


Bracelet composed of a leather strap and the main decorative element in the shape of a lion's head knocker, grinning. Handmade bracelet made entirely of 925 silver or bronze. Gouging and details created under a magnifying glass. Knocker, located in the mouth of the lion is a moving part. Bracelet fastened to the middle of the magnetic clasp with the chain.

Leather strap length: 14 cm.
Leather strap width: 27 mm.
Size of metal motif: 36 mm x 32 mm.
Depth decorating (bulge): 22 mm.
Size: 20 cm.
Weight: 72.2 g (silver), 66.40 g (bronze)

Jewelry signed ZAHARIO logo in the form of a rectangular pendant with a length of 8 mm and a width of 4 mm.