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Painting 925 Silver Jewellery Set


painting set

Small and light set ( this is a "hollow" jewellery)
pendant adjustable ring and earrings.
Made of silver, some of elements gold gilded, all finish in matt.

height: 4.0 cm without a the pendant rings
width: 2.95 cm
depth: 0.35 cm
weight: 13.8 g

ring: size is "O" (UK) can be adjust a bit, up and down, let mi know your size.
long: 3.0 cm
width: 2.15 cm
depth: 0.5 cm
weight: 13,2 g

long: 2.2 cm
width: 1.65 cm
depth: 0.45 cm
weight: 8.4 g (pair)