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Prometheus Silver And Leather Pendrive Necklace


My another approach to strong and important emotions. This work is inspired by a photo, which I saw at Dark Beauty Magazine (I don’t know the author). Based on it, I prepared a sketch, which afterwards was the base for the necklace.
The necklace shows a man full of frustration, anger, pain, which are tearing him apart from the inside. That is why his body is rugged, fuzzy, with pieces torn apart. The necklace has also a second role as a silver pendrive case (hidden behind).
The way the necklace is hanged reminded me of Prometheus chained to a rock, who had to suffer an awful punishment for all eternity. I came to a conclusion that this title matches this work very well.
Materials: silver, brown leather strap
Dimensions: 6 cm x 5 cm (the man), necklace total length 54,5 cm
Pendrive capacity: 7,60 Gb
The jewelry is packed in an elegant box, which is filled with protecting silver material and white feathers. The package is wrapped with a linen string. I give 2 years guarantee to all my creations.