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Seymchan Spark Silver And Meteorite Pendant Necklace

Handmade 925 silver pendant necklace, it's heart is a large meteorite plate. It fell in 1967 in Russia and was named Seymchan. It is classified as pallasite, but is a form of anomaly due to its high iridium content. This unusual pattern on its surface (known as the Widmanstätten pattern or Thomson structures) is the natural pattern of long nickel-iron crystals that have been observed in some meteorites. I got my plate already in the shape of a blade. It was hypnotic to me – while moving it in different directions you can see the light reflecting off the nickel-iron crystals, like on a mosaic. I immediately thought of the stories of a weapon made of meteorite iron, worshiped as having immortal soul and power. I set it in silver so that it looks like a dagger with a hilt decorated with the faces of mysterious deities (a bit Mayan / Aztec). The whole thing is composed on a leather strap.

Weight: 55,3 g
Dimensions: 12 cm x 2,7 cm , leather strap length 55 cm