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Statement Gold-plated Ring with Ammonite


Statement and very impressive ring made of gold-plated silver, bound with Ammonite of exceptional beauty (40x18mm). The stone has a beautiful drawing, shimmering mostly in shades of red and gold, and at the certain angles in green. Open ring band narrowing towards the back was gently melted, which gives a slightly rough texture. The stone binding is finished in high gloss.

The size of the ring is set to 19, due to its large width suitable for a finger in size 17-18. The ring has a very large adjustment range - from about size 15 to 27-28. It was designed for long fingers, but can be reworked to be suitable also for shorter ones. Such rework takes 1 day (please send me a message).

Despite its considerable weight (22.82g), the ring is very stable and comfortable to wear.

The original timeless decoration in which no woman will go unnoticed.

The work signed by the author's namesake will be sent in an elegant company box.